The Lee T.Railsback Library

The Lee T. Library Of Veterinary Medicine, is located within the faculty premises. in addition to the faculty library, veterinary student also can enjoy the use of related libraries at the institute for agricultural Research (IAR) ,library of the National Animal Production Research Institute, the Medical Library Located at the ABU Teaching Hospital in addition to the main Kasim Ibrahim Library. Student are encourage to register with the library at the commencement of their studies. The Raislback Library in the faculty of veterinary medicine provide a rich collection of books and electronics resources including e-library facility for undergraduate and postgraduate student as well of staff of the faculty and beyond, staffs and the University community at large.

Facilities Usage Schedules Opening Hours

The library has the capacity of 400 users


4 Split Air Conditions

28 Ceiling Fans

10 Fire Extinguishers

8Computer System

Students and staff alike make full and daily use of the facilities for Research Learning and other issues related.

Undergraduate Student are Allowed to Borrow a Books for 2 weeks, wich Renewable.

Opening From Monday to Friday to all Staff and Student

Monday 8am - 4pm

Tuesday 8am - 5pm

Wednesday 8am - 4pm

Thursday 8am - 4pm

Friday 8am - 5pm